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2 weeks ago

Calling all Dragon Ball Super players! We have a set of Special Anniversary Set boxes in the store now! $69.99 each.

2 weeks ago

Magic players! The Signature Spellbook: Gideon is available for pickup and purchase today! $27.50 each.

2 weeks ago
The Land of Teuhyo - Chapter 8 | Legends Comics and Games

Our adventurers are back in Chapter 8! What kind of mess are they about to get themselves into now...?

Vulcan pushed open the door ever so slowly, peering into the next room. From the glint of white hair, he recognized Iah, where she sat at the table, across from a short woman with dark red hair.

3 weeks ago

The weekly stock is in! Be sure to come by and check out this week's new releases!

4 weeks ago

Modern Players! Starting next week we will be moving our weekly modern tournament to Sunday at 3pm, with our first Sunday event on the 23rd. We will also be changing the prize structure; In addition ... See more

1 month ago

Attention Magic Players: We still have 4 Modern Horizons boxes available for purchase, with Buy a Box promos for all of them. Prices are 215 a box so come in and get yours today!

We have also ... See more

1 month ago
The Land of Teuhyo - Chapter 7 | Legends Comics and Games

Our heroes have certainly had some time to think about their plans, but what will come of them? And what is Iah holding...?

That night, the group curled up in a side alley and arranged their cloaks into a makeshift bed. Iah curled up in between Nedjem and Bedivere and Aeron took first watch, standing by the edge just out ... See more

1 month ago

The shelves are stocked with this week's new releases! Come check them out in the store before they're gone!

1 month ago

Our Modern Horizons weekend prerelease events are filling up quickly! As of tonight, we only have 10 slots left for the midnight, 4 for the Saturday noon sealed, and 16 for the Sunday noon draft. Be ... See more

1 month ago

An exciting announcement for our TCG Players: We have (finally) received our order of Ultimate Guard's Katana Sleeves! Prices are $12.99 for each pack of 100, so make sure to get yours fast before we ... See more

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