Comic Review: Gotham City Garage #3

Lex’s “Ridealong” mind control devices are all that stand between Gotham and Chaos.

Gotham City Garage

DC has been exploring the Batman concept with a renewed vigor lately. Dark Knights Metal has been an insanely good series, spreading the caped crusader’s ways across DC’s twisted dark multiverse. Now with Gotham City Garage, there’s a new take on the world’s greatest detective. Lex Luthor has created his biggest experiment ever: the mind controlled utopia known as Gotham City, a city that he controls with a dictatorial fist.

Within the first few fantastic pages of this epic alternate universe, Commisioner Gordon is murdered in cold blood by his daughter Kara Gordon! Batgirl, her sister, becomes determined to bring Kara to justice. All while Harley meets up with Lloyd, her hacker boy-toy who insists on going by his newly adopted alias, J0ker.

Our thoughts on GCG #3

There is a lot going on in this book, but despite the great deal of moving parts, the reader won’t feel lost here, even coming late into the story. The book does a good job through character dialogue and action as well as some minor flashbacks to keep new readers well-informed. Throughout this book, the back story and motivations of the two movers and shakers in this anachronistic Gotham are well conveyed.

Batgirl doesn’t have a lot of patience for Harley

There’s a strong focus on the women of this city, and how each one has differing purpose, whether it’s sowing chaos or trying to keep the city order in check. Harley, always a favorite, revels in her utilization of Lex to sow discord in Gotham. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Barbara Gordon is focused on dispensing justice. The two butt heads and bring their diametrically opposed viewpoints to bear.

DC’s retro future designs are awesome, but this colorful book is not without troubles. It is a book that, like a Luc Besson movie, is mostly style and limited in substance. The mind controlling machines that are a crux of the plot are not used in any unique way. The characters’ desires are easy to assess and are entirely uncomplicated. That being said, the book still utilizes its parts well enough to bring what it has to say across.

Gotham City Garage in a nutshell.

Our Review

Pros: Not only is this a unique take on the mythos, it is also a cosplayer’s dream. The costume styles are killer and will soon be on display at a convention near you.

Cons: There is great talent on display here, but the design is a decidedly higher priority than the plot.

Overall: If any part of dystopian rockabilly cyberpunk Batman resonates with you, pick this book up.

Our rating: 7.5 Hyenas on motorcycles out of 10

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