Expansion Review: 7 Wonders Anniversary

7 Wonders Anniversary Expansion Packs (Cities & Leaders)

7 wonders cities

To celebrate 7 years of 7 Wonders, Repos has released two Anniversary expansion packs for 7 Wonders: 15 cards each for both the Cities and Leaders expansions to further enhance gameplay. This expansion is a thematic win, both in content and in release strategy. The new cards easily slot into their appropriate expansion boxes, making storage a non-issue. It’s wonderful to see that Repos still cares about the game after all these years, enough to come back and add new expansions at a reasonable price (8.99 per pack).

Our Thoughts

While the Cities anniversary cards are a bit more interesting then the Leaders cards, both of these packs are worth picking up for experienced 7 Wonders players looking to spice up their next game. The cards are marked so that they can easily be sorted out when needed. This is an essential quality of life upgrade. A small insert is also included with each upgrade pack to explain the new cards rather than leaving players to their own devices.

7 wonders leaders

Overall, this expansion is well-made and ready to rumble. Getting the cards to the table does make the game much better. For advanced players, the mechanics on the cards are interesting and refreshing. For newer players, the cards offer a peek into the wider world of board games, beyond the simplicity of 7 Wonders.

Our Review: 7 / 10

While they are wonderful, these expansions leave us wanting more. 7 Wonders hasn’t had a proper expansion for a while now. With these expansion packs, Repos leaves themselves open to thousands of eager fan awaiting more content.

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