Lightseekers: Awakening

Lightseekers: Awakening

A few weeks back, a couple of guys came into the store and demoed a relatively new TCG to us. Lightseekers is that game, and, after a bit of discussion, we’re excited to pass on the opportunity to try the game out to our customers. This is why the game will be demoing today, December 9, from 2:00-4:00 PM in our Santa Clara location.

Our Thoughts

The Lightseekers brand is a three-pronged approach: a mobile game, a toy line, and a fully-fleshed TCG. The TCG is the focus of the article hereafter.

Initially, Lightseekers seems comparable to a mix of Hearthstone and the Universal Fighting System. Players start with a hero (each hero having their own unique ability) and battle against one or more opponents using Buffs and powerful Combo abilities to ensure victory. In addition, the game has 6 central factions, each with their own identity and theme. While the different factions can be mixed, it is not easy to do so, so most decks are of a single “color”.

The basic mechanics of the game are simple: on their turn, players take two normal actions, one powerful action (a combo card), or draw. Deck construction is similarly easy: 30 cards, 5 combo cards, and a hero card are all that is needed to play the game. However, there is deeper strategy in each faction. The most careful of deckbuilders can extract incredible power from their cards. These factors combine to make a fun, unique system that appeals to young and old gamers alike.

After passing the game around between some of our TCG staff, we have to say that Lightseekers: Awakening is a fun game. In fact, the most concerning thing for players would be the lack of availability in the U.S. Lightseekers was designed by a U.K. company and has only recently come to the U.S.


Lightseekers: Awakening is a game to watch out for, especially in 2018. It’s in the States and ready to make a splash. If ever you were looking for a new tcg to jump into, this just might be it.

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