Expansion Review: Ruin of Thandar

Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck

The first campaign deck for Hero Realms brings an exciting new way to play the deckbuilder: co-operative play! The Ruin of Thandar is the first step in a series of campaign decks built to create both short and long-term experiences for players. In Ruin of Thandar, players face a sequence of boss “masters”, each presenting a greater challenge than the next. The campaign is incredibly balanced for all player counts, working well as a solo game as well as 5-player co-op chaos.

Our Thoughts

The campaign deck is a wonderful addition to Hero Realms. For only $20, the campaign deck adds a completely new game to the existing Hero Realms collection. With the variable paths you can take, there is plenty of replay value in the box. In addition, the campaign rules look promising, showing that they are only the first step forward in a long journey. Using the Character Packs and the new campaign abilities, the game manages to add a Dungeons and Dragons-like experience to the already wonderful base game.

The mechanics of Thanadar are quite balanced: in fact, the rules include suggestions for raising and lowering the difficulty level to suit player needs. Overall, the design of the campaign deck is well-thought-out. The box includes everything that is needed for players to dive into the story of Hero Realms. The only “problem” with the product, in fact, is that it requires the Character Packs. Because it is not a standalone product (requiring the base and some amount of expansion packs to play), Thanadar is not a standalone experience. Though this isn’t bad, it may come as a surprise for players unfamiliar with the game and looking for a co-op deckbuilder. Besides this lack of clarity, the packaging of the game is of the same high quality as the base game.

Our Review: 8.5 / 10

The Ruin of Thandar campaign deck is a wonderful new experience for Hero Realms. It looks to be a promising start of a series of fun, condensed experiences that appeal to players of all sorts.


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