The Last-Minute Gamer’s Gift Guide

A Gift Guide for Procrastinators

Behind on your Christmas shopping? Wondering what to get the special gamer in your life? Then don’t worry, this gift guide is here to save the day! In each category, three wonderful gifts await!

For Comic Fans

  1. DC Universe Rebirth Deluxe Edition This book contains the epic story that set the stage for the Rebirth arc in a new, hardcover edition that includes behind the scenes extras and character sketches of the heroes of the new DC Universe!
  2. Marvel Generations Hardcover For the diehard Marvel fan, this book is essential. The stars of modern Marvel join their past selves in a daring story that explores what it means to be a hero.
  3. Descender Deluxe Edition Volume 1 Fans of indie comics will be overjoyed to see this book under the tree. A rip-roaring and heartfelt cosmic odyssey, this book tells a beautiful story that unites man and machine in the far-flung future.

For Star Wars Fans

  1. The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi This beautiful artbook is full of concept art, costume sketches, storyboards, and blueprints. It features everything your Star Wars fan needs to dig deeper into the world of the newest film in a galaxy far, far away.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary For the Star Wars fan that loves to dig beyond the movies, diving into books and comics, this dictionary is a vital addition to the collection. Containing new information not revealed in the released movie, the Visual Dictionary helps Star Wars fans to learn even more about the world of a long long time ago.
  3. Star Wars: Darth Vader Omnibus Fans of the masked Sith Lord can explore the adventures of Vader following the destruction of the first Death Star. As a fateful quest begins, the Dark Lord of the Sith will face new threats to his power.

For Magic: the Gathering Players

  1. The Art of Magic: the Gathering Ixalan This beautiful artbook is full of the breathtaking jungle world called Ixalan. From dinosaurs to pirates to vampires, many threats await the brave adventurers who dare to explore the plane.
  2. Unstable The newest specialty set, available only in a limited release (as of writing), Unstable is a wacky reflection of Magic’s history. Containing cards considered to be too “unstable” to allow in normal Magic, this set is a great gift for the wacky ones.
  3. From the Vault: Transform An ultimate destination for collectors, From the Vault sets collect some of the most influential cards in Magic’s storied history. Transform contains cards that began a new era of Magic by being printed on both sides of the card!

For Board Gamers

  1. Charterstone A game for both hardcore and family gamers, Charterstone is the perfect centerpiece of a family collection. Each Charterstone board game is different from all others because the player make the game as they play!
  2. Battle for Rokugan Strategy fans will rejoice over this newly-released game that allows them to simulate tales of plotting and betrayal in an alternate-universe Asian country.
  3. Arkham Horror: The Card Game Cthulhu fans and players who rarely have many others to play with will enjoy this cooperative struggle against the dark Elder Gods.


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