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4 months ago

Attention magic players: we will be hosting our War of the Spark planeswalker weekend draft tomorrow (5/25) at 3pm. Come in and play to receive a promotion card, with the overall winner receiving a ... See more

5 months ago
The Land of Teuhyo - Chapter 6 | Legends Comics and Games

What happened at the end of Chapter 5?? Time to see how things played out!

Everything happened in a blur. Bedivere rushed to Tom, yanking her sweater off and spilling several of her vials of potions as she tried to reach the dying man. Vulcan stumbled back, bumping into ... See more

5 months ago

Magic players, Modern Horizons preorders have opened! The price for each box is $210. If you place 1st or 2nd in an FNM draft, you can preorder a box for $200 (cool!) The Signature Spellbook Gideon ... See more

5 months ago
The Land of Teuhyo - Chapter 5 | Legends Comics and Games

The action is heating up in Teuhyo - Chapter 5 is here!

Nedjem hit the ground, his jaw wrenched to the side as he was hit with the back of the man’s mace. “How’s that feel, you glittery prick?!” The man standing above him growled. His friend, a ... See more

5 months ago

War of the Spark has returned to our shelves! We have a limited supply, so be sure to get your boxes and packs before they’re gone! $99.99/box, $3/pack

5 months ago

Has your wall space been a little ... lacking? Come on by and check out the new shipment of wall scrolls that just came in! The boxes are full, so get the one you want before they sell out! $19.99 ... See more

5 months ago
The Land of Teuhyo - Chapter 4 | Legends Comics and Games

The saga of our adventurers in Teuhyo continues ... without pants! (???) No time to explain - Chapter 4 is here!

Slowly, Nedjem stepped between Bedivere and Tom, his hands outstretched. “Calm down, you two.” He turned back to Tom. “Do you have any money at all?”

5 months ago
The Land of Teuhyo - Chapter 3 | Legends Comics and Games

Arielle's story The Land of Teuhyo continues with Chapter 3! Who's your favorite character so far?

John pointed to the west, directly across from the Tab and Verne. “Follow that way, along the river about...2 or three days? Make sure not ta miss it, you’ll walk right past it if ya don’t pay ... See more

5 months ago

Attention WAR midnight release attendees- Please be aware that only entrances D (by Sears) and E (By the upstairs food court) will be open. We look forward to seeing you here! Additionally, our gate ... See more

5 months ago

Legends gamers! We have an exciting announcement! Thanks to our crew (esp. Dean & Preston), our gaming area is going to be back online for this weekend's Magic prerelease events! We are still not ... See more

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