The Land of Teuhyo (Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons) Chapter 12: Always Kind to Me Misha looked away from the piece of stale bread that was shoved in her face. “Eat something.” Nedjem said. “I’ve already eaten.” He kept holding out the bread, but Misha looked up and glowered at him. Iah put her hand […]

Before she passed out, Bedivere saw Nedjem approaching from the darkness, his tattoos glowing golden and yellow fire radiating from his hands. She saw Iah in her peripheral as she knelt down by Bedivere, shouting something. Bedivere, though, heard nothing.

“I’ll be right there! God!” He shouted back. Bedivere may have been cool when they first met but when it came down to the nail, she was freaking annoying. Vulcan ignored her protests to keep going and began rummaging about the nearly pitch black storeroom. There was actually very little down here, just stacks of paper, a few tools and a plank of drywall. Inside a well hidden box, though the shine of a gem caught his eye.

It was calm, unusually calm for a tavern. Iah felt a chill run through her despite the heat. Where she came from, this kind of silence wouldn’t permeate until after closing. But the tavern was full of people, all sitting in silence, except for one.