The Land of Teuhyo (Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons) Prologue In the Ancient Dragon tongue, the land is called Teuhyo. The strange creatures who cower in the swamps and mountain caves know it as Tir. The secluded Elves deep in their forests named it Tiryns, and for the Humans that have carved themselves empires out […]

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn A New Dawn is the latest in the line of Civilization-style board games. Fantasy Flight has managed another solid game while simultaneously reducing the difficulty of the genre significantly. From now on, A New Dawn seems to be the best way to introduce gamers to the genre, taking a […]

7 Wonders Anniversary Expansion Packs (Cities & Leaders) To celebrate 7 years of 7 Wonders, Repos has released two Anniversary expansion packs for 7 Wonders: 15 cards each for both the Cities and Leaders expansions to further enhance gameplay. This expansion is a thematic win, both in content and in release strategy. The new cards […]

A Game of Thrones: Catan This new version of Catan, is a beautiful return to the gameplay of a classic board game that adds complex, thematic mechanics that deliver on both flavor and fun. In addition to the regular building, trading, and settling, players are tasked with defending the Wall and defending Westeros from the […]